Time for a change?

It's been a pretty terrible season so far this year. Let's have a run-down:
  • Bemsee Lydden - bike not ready, so I miss the first day.
  • MRO Donnington - crash on the last lap of practice. Fail to qualify.
  • MRO Silverstone - crash on the practice day. Suffer from knee and ankle pains, and pull out before end of race.
  • MRO Oulton - crash on practice day (quelle surprise!). Almost finish the race (albeit 5 seconds a lap slower than last year) but run out of fuel on the last lap.
  • Bemsee Snetterton - nothing goes wrong, but it's clear the knee won't manage the 18-lap MRO race
  • MRO Snetterton - Rik Balllerini takes my bike out, since he's blown his crank and I know I can't do the full race.
  • Bemsee Brands GP - crash my pushbike on Friday night and don't get out all weekend.
Last year was great. I won the Bemsee championship on the TZ. This year I'd hoped to move up to MRO level on it. But - crashes apart - I think I'm getting a bit old and stiff to manage the much longer MRO races. I went to see my knee specialist recently, but he said there was nothing more he could do - and in fact I was lucky to have so much movement in the knee given how badly it was smashed up three years ago.

And - to be honest - I'm not all that keen on being an "also ran" at National level anyway. Being at the front of the club riders was much more satisfying.

So I reckon I've got three choices:

  • Give it up and find another hobby (stamp collecting? Gardening?)
  • Stick with club racing on the TZ
  • Get a larger bike more suited to my aging frame, that I can fit onto more comfortably
Well I thought about the first option for a bit. Tempting in some ways - think of all that extra time and money I'd have. But racing's just too ingrained in me now.

I feel like I've done the TZ club racing bit, and want to move on. If it's not going to be upwards to National 250's, it's got to be sideways, to something different. At the moment I'm considering three options:

  • An Aprillia RSVR 1000 Mille, which I could ride in the Mille Challenge at MRO, and also in Singles, Twins and Triples and/or Powerbikes at Bemsee.
  • A GSXR 1000 in Powerbikes
  • A GSXR 750, on the grounds that "less is more", and a 750 is probably considerably easier to ride than the 1000, and probably no slower round a typical circuit
I've already had a ride on a Mille, courtesy of rsvr.net. They are very nice bikes with superb handling, thanks to Ohlins as standard all round. But they do lack something on the excitement front. So I'm keen to get to try a GSXR as well.

So watch this space for further news. Meanwhile:

For Sale

Yamaha TZ250M 2000
  • Championship Winner
  • CTS Quick shifter
  • Tony Green race kit copy pipes (+originals)
  • Front and rear paddock stands
  • Huge number of spares including most of original spares kit, 2 sets of usable spare fairings, all standard alternate gear ratios plus extras, etc.
Price depends on number of wheels purchased:
  • 10,000 with standard Marchesini wheels
  • 10,500 with two sets Marchesini wheels (with slicks plus wets or inters)
  • 11,000 with three sets Marchesini wheels (with good slicks, wets and inters)