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Dynotech Performance

Dynotech are the Canine's Gonads of dyno testing.

They will be blueprinting our Project Tigger Tigcraft FireBlade Endurance Racer.

I trust them. No-one says a bad word about them, Andy and Keith are "real people", and they make people win.

What more do you want? They're in Basingstoke, but their dyno is mobile.

Dynotech Performance: 01256 881711.

Dyno testing, engine servicing, K&N and Dynojet.
Poor running and carb problems a speciality.

For Sale: Dynotech's CBR400. 3900 Blueprinted engine, flowed head, Dynojet kit, K&N filter, carbon-fibre can.
66hp at rear wheel (standard is about 58).

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