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Graham File - Ace Two-Stroke Tuner

Roger Ford's Graham File tuned RGV250

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Bemsee's Top Tuner

Roger Ford's winning bikes are tuned by the south-east's tuning Guru, Graham File of Hythe Motorcycles.

Graham is a one-man operation - though the hours he puts in makes it like two people. He has single-handedly tuned virtually all the top five bikes in each of the Bemsee two-stroke classes. From LC to TZ, he's done them all.

Read about my new TZ that he will be tuning for 1997.

My 1996 RGV250 - second in the Bemsee Formula Junior class - was race kitted, with the factory race pipes and ignition unit. These parts (almost 1500 to buy new!), add about 6 hp to the top end, to make about 70bhp. Graham also has good results with unkitted bikes - in fact Roger's No. 2 "backup" bike is unkitted. The unkitted bike is smoother, and would suit a novice better, and is also easier to ride in the wet.

Graham is a firm believer in "usable power". He's not too interested in peak dyno readings. He can tell many stories of RGVs that made in the high seventies, but were impossible to ride as the last 15hp kicks suddenly in. Highside City!. His bikes are tuned to give you the drive out of corners, smooth, progressive power all the way up. His engines are also far less sensitive to carburation thn those of other tuners. Mick Fincham never changed the jetting all year on his (now my) RGV250.

Graham is the ONLY tuner I know who regularly attends race meetings. While other tuners relax on the beach with the profit their apprentices have made for them, Graham is down at Lydden. Helping people out, giving advice on all aspects of racing as well as engines, and sometimes with his hands deep in some nightmare of a blown engine. Take your engine in for a rebuild, and you'll often be there past midnight, with many cups of tea provided

Graham is the best, but he doesn't believe in making a huge profit at the expense of riders. If he did, he wouldn't have time to spend it anyway. He's in it for the love of racing.

Graham File - Hythe Motorcycles - 01303 262222

Riders having success with Graham File tuned engines

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