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Are you a Racer?

Racing isn't just about ability. It's an attitude of mind. The determination to win, and a willingness to disregard personal and financial safety. This quiz will see if you've got that will to win.

Section 1 - Attitude

You see a well-ridden SportBike ahead of you on a twisty road. Do you
  1. Ride sensibly, and within your limits (and watch him disappear)
  2. Try to catch up, but he's better than you
  3. Overtake him, narrowly missing the HGV coming the other way
Trackdays are:
  1. A waste of money
  2. A chance to develop machine control
  3. Races that are not sanctioned by the ACU

Section 2 - Childhood & Experience

When you played Monopoly as a kid, did you
  1. Cheat. Steal 5000 and two hotels, then whine "it's only a game" when your opponent is annoyed.
  2. Collect an excellent pair of utilities, refuse 5000 for Park Lane, and lose.
  3. Offer 3000 for Whitechapel and Old Kent Road, and win every time.
What is the fastest you've seen on a bike speedo
  1. 70 mph, naturally.
  2. 120 mph, on "Top Gear"
  3. 160 mph+
There's been an accident. You have to get help.
  1. You faint at the site of some blood
  2. You flag down a BMW, and use his Yuppyphone.
  3. You get to the nearest house - 3 miles away - in no time, and the tyres are smoking
Your company runs an "outward bound" race. It's meant to be non-competitive. Do you:
  1. Develop a nasty cold and stay at home
  2. Help your colleagues develop their character resources
  3. Do everything in your power to win it

Section 3 - Financial

You are skint. Your grandmother leaves you 1500. Do you:
  1. Pay the milk bill, buy some binliners, and put the rest in a higher-rate deposit account
  2. Buy a neat old GPX750
  3. Borrow another two grand because then you can just afford a YZXR750RRR-SP
Your goals in life are:
  1. To stay alive until you're 90.
  2. A successful job, marriage, and family.
  3. To try skiing, parachute jumping, scuba diving and driving an F1 car at least once.


Score 3 points for each (3) answer, 1 point for each (2), and no points for a (1).

21-24You're a winner.
16-20You'll make it. Tear up your credit cards and phone Graham File.
10-15Tough. You might enjoy being a backmarker, though.
0-10Forget it. Buy a nice new lawnmower instead.

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