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Tech Info

Web space provided by Pipex. Good service, though 2MB seems pretty tight compared to Demon's 5MB of free Web space. Demon seems to be faster at the moment.

All pages developed using straight HTML via Emacs. My latest emacs.ini file shows the code I use to automatically generate various HTML tags and constructs.

Search engine written in Perl by Roger Ford. Pipex (and most ISP's with free Web space) do not allow your own CGI-BIN scripts to run, so the search engine is hosted on a local college machine by a doctor friend Duncan McKenzie.

Graphic design advice from Gerry Houghton and Jan Ford.

I am looking at getting MAG Sport hosted as Since I hate pages that move, I want to be sure I've got it right before I change. Technically, we should probably be, but that's not as aesthetically nice, or memorable, and would probably involve excessive setup cost. It looks like I'll be going to an ISP in the US (who care's where your site is hosted from), for about half the price. Demon and Pipex both want vast amounts of money for "virtual domain" hosting.

This web site takes a hell of a lot of my time. So please tell me if you like it, and if you want to help out with site maintenance (learning a very valuable skill), please let me know!
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